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IMC Inorganic Metal Catalyst 10ml


Can directly spray on the mask Continuous antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-mildew, deodorizing. has passed the Japanese JIS standard durability test. strong attachment, long-lasting effect, and wide range of uses (It is still effective after 5000times rubbing with hardness 7H).made in Japan

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IMC Water CatalystSpecial Formula for Family Use,non-medical therapeutic useUses: Continuous antibacterial, anti-virus, anti-mildew, deodorizing.This Product is situatable for chilled air machines, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, footwear, carpets, towels, rags, pillows and pillow cases, toilet plates, socks, underwear, scarves etc. The bacteria and virus cannot be bred and propagated on the objects. With features of strong attachment, long-lasting effect, and skin contact.This product has a wide range of uses.How to use:Spray the object to slightly damp, and wait till it is naturally dry. For example: If there is an insole inside the shoe, the bottom should be sprayed. Make sure all the sprayed surfaces have effect continuous antibacterial to achieve the best effect.Validity period:As Long as the free radicals are not destroyed, the physical properties are parament effective (this has passed the Japanese JIS standard durability test. It is still effective after 5000times rubbing with hardness 7H. It is recommended for a period of 3 years for living environment)Note: Do Not Spray directly to eyes, nostrils, etc.
Keep in a safe place where away from children.
 If you take a lot of water catalyst or contact with your eyes, clean with plenty of water or seek medical advice.

in accordance with international regulations such as RoHS and REACH, the water catalyst is an inorganic decomposing liquid that exists in nature and dose not contain chemical substances that are harmful to the human body and the environment.
This water catalyst has passes the oral toxicity test, skin irritation test, safety test of the mutated originality (human carcinogenicity).

Ingredients: Mixture, Titanium phosphate-based compound, Titanium dioxide cpmpound Ti(OH)x(OR)4-x1.24% or more, TI(OH)x(Si)2-x0.88% or more.