Online Book Fair【Prolonged】

In order to ensure more customers to purchase our products at the most favorable price. We have decided to prolong our online book fair!!🤩🤩 The offer will beextended to August 30th!!!🗓️ Up to 40% discount on all MIROLA, JarMelo, JoanMiro, […]

Online Book Fair

Online Book Fair 2023   Due to the poor arrangement of the last book fair, a lot of our customers do not managed to visit. Therefore, we decided to hold an online book fair! From 16th Aug to 23th Aug,there […]

See you at the 2023 Hong Kong Book Fair!

Are you ready? This year Sweetforest is going to offer a lot of discounts for the book fair……Prepare your money and visit our booth for the big sales! Remember to follow our Facebook fan page and Instagram to to get […]




去年灣仔書展開不成,實在太納悶了…. 明天(4月15日)起一連7日在九龍新蒲崗Mikiki商場中庭位置給大家一個驚喜! 在本公司(甘霖教育)展銷位內購物滿$220 另加:$99換購價值$540的貨品+會籍 你沒有看錯!我沒有寫錯!真是$540的貨品…. 每天限量20份,你遲咗買不到? 唔好怪我。。。 祇收現金。記得帶現金啊。。。每位小朋友限購一份


2021香港書展很快便結束了,大戰過後總有甜蜜的回憶,多謝你們仗義的付出,全情投入,一群生力軍使甘霖Sweetforest變得更活力、更豐盛! 就連路過的人們,也大讃大家的投入與精彩!多謝你們 明年今日我們再連下一城

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