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Original dried Fruits – Pearl Guava 150g

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MIWANGO Original dried Fruits – Pearl Guava

No bleaching, no coloring, saccharin, flavor and preservatives during processing.
-Pickled in low temperature, baked with slow fire, stored in low temperature.
GHP qualified (Good Hygienic Practices)
10Kg of Fruits can only bake 1kg of dried fruits, which is a very time-consuming and precious food that can preserve valuable nutrients in fruits.
-Unique Taiwan Taste.
-ingredients:Guava, Sugar, Salt, Citric acid
-Storage life:12months
How to eat : eat after opened, can match with yogurt and cereal
-Storage:Please store in a dry and cool place. Please tightly zipped the zipper and keep inside the fridge after opened
-Warning:This product contains guava, people who allergies to guava should not eat。Contains deoxidizer, do not eat.
-This product is covered by 10 million product liability insurance
Nutrition label: 100g per serving
Calories:338 kcal
Protein:1.7 g
Fat:0.2 g
Saturated Fat:0 g Trans Fat:0 g Carbohydrates:82.3 g  Sugar:24.9 g
Sodium:29 mg

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